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Professional Ringmen

The Ringmen are by far one of the most important additions to any auction. Their expertise can single-handedly raise thousands of extra dollars for your event.

Professional Ringmen work the auction floor before, during and after the auction and are primarily used during the Live Auction. They work directly with the Auctioneer, your staff, and your guests. Sometimes they are referred to as “Bid Spotters”.

Ringmen have a complexity of training on all aspects of the auction process, advanced training on bid spotting, and know how to make guests feel comfortable to make just one more bid to support your event.

Ringmen become an extra set of eyes and ears for the Auctioneer during the live auction process. Their communication link with the Auctioneer is solid and trusted. They are the Auctioneer’s “Right Hand”.
Ringmen bring energy to the room that promotes excitement and fun, yet professionalism.

Ringmen are trained to spot bids in a split second and react immediately with voice and hand signals. The faster of a reaction, the more successful of an event. No missed bids! The Ringmen’s job to most people sounds and looks simple, but it’s not. This is where most money is left on the table at a Live Auction especially if you have volunteers.

Professional Auctioneer

Auctioneering is not a hobby, it’s a profession! People hire professionals in nearly all of life’s great adventures. We trust our important duties to the skilled professionals so why would you place the reins of your most important event of the year in the hands of anyone other than a professional auctioneer?

Auctioneers prompt audience participation with their contagious enthusiasm. Our auctioneers are gifted entertainers who put fun in fund into fundraising. They are fast on their feet, utilize unique strategies to stimulate bidding. This combination of all mastery skills brings an enormous amount of competitive bidding to the table.

Hiring an auctioneer specifically trained and experienced in your auction area and bid calling is the most important decision you as a producer will make. Unfortunately, most people think all auctioneers are equally talented. That misconception could not be any more wrong. Have a question about your auction items or any specifications on your event? Ask your Auctioneer. Many have worked on hundreds of events just like yours so they will have a plethora of first-hand experience to draw from and offer suggestions.

They never intimidate or embarrass guests. No one wants to feel pressured by an auctioneer into buying an auction item they don’t want. There’s a fine line between good-hearted cajoling and mean-spirited intimidation. Hire someone who knows that line well.

Demand has never been greater for Professional Ringmen.

How Many Ringmen Do You Need?

# of Guests# of Ringmen
50 - 1501

Professional Clerks

Clerks gather and retain all records and reports of the auction using our auction software.

Electronically record and monitor every item sold during the auction.

Invoice all bidders including online sales & collect payments.

Track and record all reports including bidder information.

Share all reports with the auction committee.

Professional Master Of Ceremonies

A skilled communicator must be aware of the emotional valence of his or her words. The Master of Ceremonies is the host of your entire event. They depend on whether your guests remember your event or not.

The MC should be confidant and a high-energy speaker onstage while personable and engaging with your guests off stage. Ideal MCs will be personable with an outstanding announcer voice. They are informative but succinct.

Stage presence and demeanor go a long way towards a successful event.

Duties can begin as early as doors opening. Smart fundraising strategy is varying the voices onstage (ie: a different MC than your Auctioneer) in an effort to redirect your audience and heighten attention.

MC makes event announcements, facilitates games, raffles, drawings, etc. as needed/requested.

Live & Online Only Webcast Auctions
Premier Online Sales

Our Reps provide auctions via online so bidders can attend through the web when they can’t be at the event to bid in person. Our auctions are offered on desktop, android, and IOS with full audio and video on all devices.

Open your auction to a vast list of bidders by having it online. All auctions are listed on our website at
MC thanks and recognizes event sponsors and volunteers as we all know how crucial the sponsors and volunteers are. These events would not happen without them.

MC welcomes all guests, speakers, entertainment, etc. to the stage.

MC will introduce and read all Live Auction descriptions during the Live Auction setting up the Auctioneer for success.

MCs come highly recommended with the experience and expertise at the same level as our Auctioneers and Ringmen.
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